The packages listed are available at substantial discount rates far below what most design firms charge for web site development. A business web site will allow customers and potential customers to learn more about your business and communicate directly with you.

The following options are available:

Web Site Package A ~ $795.00 - Includes a 5-page site and up to 4 quarterly, 1½ hour updates*, which are available at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months after the initial site is developed and posted. Pages can be up to one letter-size page in length.
Web Site Package B ~ $995.00 - Includes a 5-page site and up to 11 monthly, 1-hour updates*, which are available beginning at 30 days after the initial site is developed and posted. Pages can be up to one letter-size page in length.

Specialized Orders ~ Estimated for you in advance based on your specific needs.

  *Note: Unused update time cannot be carried forward unless pre-arranged.

Pages Included In Both Packages

Home Page:

  • Page header with your logo and name (incl. logo scan)
  • Brief description of your business and mission
  • Listing or e-mail links to your key business staff
  • Link to your support association and Web Communicators
  • An access counter with a count of visitors (optional)

Services Page:

  • Summary of your business and organizational staff
  • Descriptions of specialties and services your offer

News Page:

  • News and information interesting to your customers
    (content edited, and placed by Web Communicators)

Links Page:

  • Up to 20 hyperlinks to interesting business-related sites

Information Page:

  • Fill-in information form that emails directly to you
    (can be designed with confidential and secure system)

Extras Included In Packages A & B

Listings & Links: Listing/link from Web Communicators site
Listing/link from support organization
WWW Publicity: Submission of your web site to search engines

Many optional services or web site features are available through Web Communicators and include: domain registration and hosting (e.g. and online shopping systems. Fees for these options will be estimated in advance based on your needs.

Contact us to receive further information about
special discounted business web site packages!

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